AE-07® :: Anti Ethanol 07®

Vlastimil Harapes
The personality promoting this unique product, Anti Ethanol 07®, in mass media is Mr. Vlastimil HARAPES.

ANTI ETHANOL 07 :: AE-07® :: The most important function?

  • prevents problems after consumption of alcoholic drinks;
  • alleviates symptoms of hangover as headaches, nausea, dizziness, reduced ability of concentration and fatigue;
  • contributes to the protection of the liver from adverse effects of alcohol;
  • supports the process of an enhanced degradation of alcohol in the liver;
  • accelerates elimination of the toxic metabolite of alcohol, so called acetaldehyde;
  • induces an enhanced activity of hepatic enzymes involved in degradation of the alcohol;
  • exhibits anti-oxidative effects.

How does AE-07® look like?

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Whom is AE-07® designed for?

You are going out for a party. You drink a bit. When getting up in the morning, you have headache. You are getting aware of the existence of your liver and kidneys. You do not feel up to the mark. Ethanol circulates through your body and is absorbed only very slowly... The whole day is then terrible....

But now, there is an option for you - AE-07®!

AE-07® accelerates the process of alcohol degradation in the body.

With AE-07® you will be fresh in the morning. .

With AE-07® you will feel like going to jog in the morning. .

What does AE-07® offer?

AE-07® affects positively your liver, the overall state of the organism as well as cholesterol level. Its effect has been clinically tested and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

AE-07® contributes to alleviation of difficulties appearing after consumption of alcoholic drinks. It induces an enhanced elimination of the toxic metabolite of alcohol, so called acetaldehyde.

How does AE-07® act?

AE-07 is a special product modifying the initial state of intoxication by alcohol. Fruits of the grapevine (Vitis vinifera), especially its epidermis, contain biologically active polyphenolic compounds with a markedly anti-oxidative and anti-radical effects. This fact has been confirmed by many pharmacological studies.

Another constituent of AE-07 is Phyllatanthus amara, a frequent constituent of the traditional medicine of India, containing primarily the hydrolyzable tannin amarin.

AE-07 also contains the fruit of emblic (acting significantly in various indications, including hypercholesterolemia), fruits of the date palm, tops of Andrographis paniculata, and endive.

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